• Headache Tamer is a daytime dental guard designed to prevent teeth clenching, headaches and migraines.

    Because teeth clenching doesn't just happen at night...


Because teeth clenching doesn't just happen at night...

TMJ pain relief in a small package

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Stop popping pills for pain

Headache Tamer is an amazing alternative to OTC pain medications. Unlike OTC pain medication, Headache Tamer doesn’t just take the pain away, but it also places the jaws into a natural Resting Position. And when the jaws are resting so is the head and neck. Why? Because the jaw, neck, head, back and shoulder muscles are all connected and when one or more are out of balance so is everything else. So, by putting in Headache Tamer, the jaws are resting in their natural Resting Position which allows the head and neck to relax too.

Instantly fits your teeth

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Our daytime dental guard stabilizer refills make for a more economical and practical product.

Need Stabilizer Refills?

Order more refills, and re-use the daytime guard for a more economical product!