Headache Tamer for teeth and muscle stress relief

Teeth clenching can be worse during the day than at night


Nighttime clenching can be stronger, but it doesn't last as long as daytime clenching. Because of the sustained pressure to our teeth and prolonged muscle spasms during the day, daytime teeth clenching can lead to more broken teeth, fillings and other restorations as well as jaw aches, headaches, neckaches, backaches, and earaches than from nighttime clenching. Wearing a Headache Tamer daytime guard can alleviate daytime symptoms of clenching.

The difference between wearing a daytime Headache Tamer mouthguard and not wearing one is enormous:

Daytime teeth clenching                        Wearing a Headache Tamer mouthguard

-Force can be up to or greater                                         0 psi

  than 250 psi (measurement of force)

-Huge pressure to posterior teeth                            -No pressure to the posterior

  and muscles of the mouth                                       teeth or muscles of the mouth

-Clenching of the posterior teeth                              -No clenching of the posterior 

                                                                                    teeth or any teeth

-Muscle spasm (mouth, head, neck)                         -No muscle spasm (muscles 


We tend to clench our teeth when we are looking at a computer or phone screen or driving a car or during times of stress such as trying to get to an airport gate on time. Most people are unaware of daytime clenching but are aware of fillings breaking or muscles aching. I recommend wearing a Headache Tamer guard during the day when you think you might be clenching and even when you don't. It will give your teeth and muscles the rest they need.