How do you find your jaw's natural Resting Position?

Resting is not always easy. You have a plane to catch, you’re taking kids to school or games and you have meetings and deadlines to keep up. Finally, you’re able to sit down on the plane or bleachers. Your legs and body may be at rest but your neck hurts, your jaws are tight, and you have a gnawing headache. You reach for the OTC pain medication in your purse, but a friend tells you about Headache Tamer. They tell you that they don’t take as much pain medication as they used to because of Headache Tamer.

Headache Tamer is an amazing alternative to OTC pain medications. Unlike OTC pain medication, Headache Tamer doesn’t just take the pain away, but it also places the jaws into a natural Resting Position. And when the jaws are resting so is the head and neck. Why? Because the jaw, neck, head, back and shoulder muscles are all connected and when one or more are out of balance so is everything else. So, by putting in Headache Tamer, the jaws are resting in their natural Resting Position which allows the head and neck to relax too.

Ideally, when we want to rest, we recline in a chair or bed. Our muscles become less tense and our jaws relax because they naturally fall 2 mm apart. This is the Resting Positionof the jaws. But, more often than not the jaws do not go into the 2 mm Rest Positionby themselves, instead they start clenching because the muscles are in spasm. The jaws are wound up no matter if our body is sitting or lying down.

Headache Tamer was invented with the Rest Position in mind. Headache Tamer immediately relieves the jaws from spasm and clenching because the jaws are immediately placed into the 2mm Rest Position. It does this because the guard is small and sits only between the front teeth, and because the back teeth cannot touch, the jaws are in their comfortable Rest Position. No more clenching, no more spasm.


Headache Tamer and Rest Position are the same. Get some today!