Simple solutions for making life better

I love easy solutions, especially solutions that end with good results. Tearing up a traffic ticket is a solution but doesn't usually end with a good result. Easy solutions to complicated problems are even more appealing. I needed to change the speed of a ceiling fan that was 18 feet high. There was talk of procuring a very large ladder which alone would have been hard to get into the house; building scaffolding; or getting an electrician to put in a new remote-controlled fan. The easy and inexpensive solution was using a long pole with a sticky mouse pad attached to it. It pulled down the little metal chain with ease. A similar dilemma happened when a bird fell all the way down inside of a basketball pole. The poor fluttering bird could be heard inside at the bottom of the pole. There was talk of just letting the bird die a slow death. The easy solution was climbing up a ladder and lowering a rope with another sticky mouse pad tied to the end of it whereby the bird was lifted all the way up the 10-foot pole. The little bit of sticky on a few wings was easily removed and the bird flew off unharmed. The opening at the top of the pole was closed to prevent this from happening again.

The medical field is full of medical breakthroughs solving very complicated problems but the simple, rudimentary concept of eating healthy food, exercise and getting plenty of rest has long been a simple solution to avoiding poor health. It's good to follow other do's and don'ts too, like brush and floss your teeth and don't eat a lot of sugar and put a cold compress on an injury that's swelling up. If you follow simple advice, the results are usually good. That's the key, "usually good." Sometimes we like to tell ourselves that that doesn't apply to us because we have unusual circumstances. Unusual or not, it's still a good idea to follow simple protocol.

Another good example of simple protocol is to stand up and stretch after sitting at a desk too long.

Contracting muscles pull on other muscles and bones and after awhile you just plain hurt. You could be be jumping up and down all day long like a yo-yo because of hurting muscles or you could buy one of those stand-up desks that someone thought of. Simple solution. Other things you could do is get an orthopedic standing mat and wear posture clothing. Don't forget to go to the chiropractor to get a simple adjustment once in a while.

A big problem though is that no matter if you are sitting or standing, most people have their head tilted and pulled forward off their center of gravity. The weight of the head has now doubled or tripled and the muscles of your head, shoulders and jaws are now screaming for help. At rest, the jaws are slightly apart but with strained muscles, that rest position is closed. In retaliation, the closed jaw muscles take it out on the teeth and wear them down trying to get back to that comfortable rest position. A solution is to use something that will bring the jaws back into the rest position again. That simple solution is the Headache Tamer mouth guard. Wear it for a few minutes or hours during the day and the muscles are relaxed back into the rest position. You say mouth guards make you gag? The Headache Tamer guard has solved that problem too. Most mouth guards are bulky which allows the tongue to stimulate the gag reflex, but the Headache Tamer guard is only the size of a penny and it fits only on the front teeth so no posterior tongue/gag reflex.

The Headache Tamer guard is the "stand-up desk" for your jaws. It's a simple solution and a valuable tool you should use for your hurting muscles.