Sitting on an airplane and feeling that same old headache? Think of muscle imbalance!

When we sit at a computer, work at a desk or look at a phone for a long time the muscles of our neck, head and jaw start to hurt. That’s because our head is now in a forward head position, which means our muscles are out of balance. It’s the same if we were to hold up our arm too long. Muscles will protest and start to hurt. Only when we put our arm down will the muscles again be in balance and not hurt anymore.

Jaw muscles can affect head and neck muscles and head and neck muscles can affect jaw muscles. If any one of those muscles is working too hard you have muscle imbalance. And, just like putting your arm down to get relief from tired muscles so putting in Headache Tamer will give relief to tired, hurting muscles.

Dr. Jean has helped hundreds of people with headaches caused from muscle imbalance. She invented Headache Tamer to quickly and easily get unbalanced muscles of the jaws, neck and head to calm down. The next time you get a headache, think of muscle imbalance. Place Headache Tamer between your front teeth and you will get relief. It gives muscle imbalance relief to the jaws, head and neck quickly.